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Plywood for concrete formwork requires a great amount of wood resources, however, Katawaku-ecochan is composed of polypropylene sheets in which organic waste fibers are mixed adhered on the surface, which increases durability and the number of reuses, therefore, Katawaku-ecochan reduces CO2 emissions and contributes to the prevention of global warming.
Because reducing the use amounts of wood resources reduces wood cutting amounts, this 21st century environmentally friendly plywood for concrete formwork contributes to protection of the global environment.
Utilization as recycle plastic fuel after use contributes to reductions in CO2.
Since its launch, Katawaku-ecochan has had a continuous track record of success in environmentally friendly construction in public works projects and large-scale multifamily housing units.

Registered in NETIS (New Technology Information System) (On January 13, 2009)
Technology title: Katawaku-ecochan@@Registration No. CG-080020-A
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